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5 email marketing facts that good marketers know!

5 email marketing facts that good marketers know!

A powerful marketing tool if used the right way

Bringing up one of the classics of the digital age, email marketing. A powerful marketing tool, if used right. You must have thought at some point: I should do this. And then you let the content stop you. We get it.

Creating content can be scary. And so are terms like bounces, segmentation and strategy. That’s why we’re here to help. Let us get you on track and we’ll help you get effective results with these why’s and how to’s of email marketing.

Money matters 
Email is such a quick and easy way to reach a lot of people at the same time. Compared to other advertising channels, email is comparatively cheap. Consider it a missed opportunity if you’re not reaching out to your audience with this tool. Be aware that most people open email on their phone, creating a high reach within a short period of time. Score!

Get noticed
By creating interesting content. Catchy email subjects, while keeping it clear and simple. Your subscribers need to see in a blink why they should open your email. Cut through the roar with an effective strategy and eye-catching email content.

Get delivered
Getting your emails delivered can be a tricky thing. Make sure that your email lists are up to date and reduce your risk of getting trapped in spam boxes. Don’t add subscribers without their permission. It’s a sure way to reduce the size of your subscriber base and that’s bad for business. Also, don’t get tempted into buying email addresses. Truth is, you have zero control over its contents and you can never truly get to know your customer base by just buying their information.

Don’t knock them out
With too many emails that is. There is such a thing as email overkill, so be aware of the frequency of your email marketing. We’ve said before and we’ll say it again: content is leading. Not too often, but stay on their minds by sending out an email that triggers the interest of your audience once every two weeks.

Gear up 
With smart strategies and useful tools. Email marketing is simple, but there are some tricks to getting it right. Implementing surveys for instance, to really get to know your customer base. Use up-to- date strategies and software like the SPIN messenger. Some things can be perfectly automated, but still create that customer engagement you seek. Using software like SPIN messenger enables you to send out birthday emails, an automated email sequence introducing new services or products.

Having said this, whatever you do, consider letting professionals help out with basic strategy and content creation. It will pay off and in all honesty; a sleekly designed email filled with beautiful images and catchy text makes your business look good. Can you picture it? Good!

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