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Blogging to attract new talent

Blogging to attract new talent

Attracting new talent to your organization is a challenge. Of course, a highly skilled candidate is always on demand. Successful employee recruitment requires more than just placing a vacancy. But do you use the right resources to recruit successfully? Let us help you!

LinkedIn did some research about the ‘’Recruitment Trends in 2016’’. This research shows that employers prefer to hire their new employees based on a good connection during the first job interview. The chance on a good connection increases when you hire someone from your own network.  

Something different

How do you get in contact with someone from your own network? Even more important: how to draw attention of the best potential candidates? Write your own blog!

Blogging is an effective online communication channel to get in contact with people from your own network. Writing a blog article can absolutely contribute in the process of strengthen your connections. 

Good connections

Your blog article has to educate people. Write about a topic which is related to your work field and share your knowledge and experiences. Educating and satisfying your connections is essential to maintain the relationship. Put time and effort in creating your blog articles to show your connections how important they are to you. 

How to create your blog

The purpose of your blog article is to recruit a new talented team member. Focus on a specific target audience while you are creating the content. Create curiosity about your organization and job offer. Add a strong call to action to make the reader apply to your vacancy. Eventually, people who participate in the selection process are committed to help the new employer succeed by providing their knowledge and experience. 

How to attract the right people

A blog is the perfect communication channel to reach many people, but do you know how to approach the right audience?

Send your blog through email. Create a segmented email list which includes the right people. Personalize your message to draw attention and make the reader feel special. SPIN facilitates the use of email marketing by using SPIN Messenger. This email marketing system provides many possibilities to strengthen your connections. .

A research of the ‘’Academy of labour communication’’ shows that 80% of the respondents prefer LinkedIn as social media channel to find a new job. Publish your blog article on LinkedIn and add a description. If one of your connections pushed the ''interesting button'', your blog will appear on many more people their home page. This will be an opportunity to expand your network. 

Post your blog on Facebook to reach many people. Not every Facebook follower fits in your ideal employee profile. Add a description which attracts your target audience. The right target audience could like and share your blog. 

Do you need any help to write a profitable blog?