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CMS: 6 Things you should know

CMS: 6 Things you should know

It’s Q&A time! All you ever wanted to know about CMS

Recently we talked about the 4 things you must consider before building a new website, focusing on the impact of great design. Digging a little deeper, it brings us to the strategic stuff and a topic that can’t be left out of our stories: CMS.

We’ve had an interesting Q&A session with the CMS expert at SPIN. We try hard to stay away from all the technical hocus-pocus, but we will say this: You need a CMS.
Read the expert’s answers, uncovering some elementary benefits of a CMS for your business.

Q: We get a lot of questions about CMS and noticed that there’s a lot of confusion
out there. What is a CMS exactly?

A: In short: a Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to create and manage web content. A big chunk of questions we get from customers is CMS related, with the most frequently asked question being: 'How does it work and why do I need it?'.

Q: Is a CMS really necessary?
A: That would be a yes! For the simple reason that it allows you to manage all your website content yourself. Doing it independently being the big payoff here. Your website is at the very core of your Internet marketing strategy and content plays the leading role. A CMS increases efficiency in content management.

Q: Efficiency in content management? How does that add up?
A: A CMS is a crucial element in efficiently keeping the content of you website fresh. It’s the backbone of your website, allowing you to independently change and manage your web content, without needing specific technical skills.

Q: What’s the perk here?
A: You don’t need to call your web developer every time you need to update your website. Changes or additions in your business services, new business hours or a newly published blog, are just a few examples of content that you can add yourself when you have a CMS in place. In addition, an up-to-date website is good for business credibility. You don’t want irrelevant information to be on there too long do you? If you rely on yourself to add and change content, chances are you’ll be doing it more frequently. Bringing us to the next important thing, fresh content.

Q: What does search engine ranking have to do with fresh content?
A: Good one. You want your website to rank well in search engines, and regularly publishing good content increases your ranking. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s what has to be done professionally to keep your website popping up frequently in search engines. Search engines thrive on new content, so the fresher yours is, the more often it appears in search engines. SEO enables your website to stand out in the crowded muddle of the web. A CMS gives you the best tools, to optimally manage your SEO, since it gives you full control over your content, keywords and frequency of publication.

Q: Is a CMS useful for social media management?
A: Absolutely! Social media management is all about customer engagement. A CMS makes publishing content much easier and cost effective and a big chunk of your online marketing strategy includes publishing content frequently. Visitors like to see new stuff, and posting fresh content on a regular basis creates enhanced customer engagement. Businesses often flunk the social media part, because of lack of content. Regular web updates solve that problem, since regular updates automatically create share-worthy content for your social media channels, automatically generating more traffic to your website. Which is what you ultimately want.

SPIN your CMS!
We understand you can get lost in the multitude of available content management systems. Have your CMS done by SPIN and we can guarantee you security and most importantly, a user friendly CMS. Our custom built CMS is updated on a regular basis and kept at bank grade security, providing you with worry-free content management. Ask us about our packages and we’ll find a customized solution for your business website.
With SPIN, you can count on up to 3 years of free support for your CMS. Ready for your new CMS? Get in touch today for a free orientation or quote.