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E-mail marketing: 5 tips

E-mail marketing: 5 tips

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with your existing and potential customers.

I recommend to send an email at least every 90 days and up to once a  week, depending on the type of business. I also advise to keep all emails short and to stay with one topicper email.

For example, you can send information about products and services, tips & tricks, introduction of new team members and much more!

90% of all emails are opened within one hour. So make sure you will send your emails at the right time. The email marketing software that we use, SPIN Messenger provides you with statistics and reports that help you pick the right time.

Birthday e-mails that can be sent automatically are also very nice and effective, for example with a special discount for the person whose birthday it is. This works very well with restaurants and hotels.

I hereby share 5 helpful tips that you can use to make your email marketing file grow:

1. Use an email signup form on your website.

Make sure that this is strategically placed, for example on a blog article.

2. Request an email address and contact information when you call or visit a company.

The big advantage is that these people have expressed an interest in your product or service and therefore it’s much easier to convert them  into paying customers.

3. Hold a contest or quiz on Facebook, where registration with e-mail is required.

There are several tools for this option, including WooBox.

4. Give away an e-book or gadget and require that an email address is entered.

5. Put a link to your mailing list registration in the email signatures of all employees of the company.

There are many more strategies to compose an email file. Do not buy email addresses, you will run the risk that your domain will be blocked for sending mails.

Always use a professional email marketing program, this ensures that your email arrives well, plus you will get all the necessary statistics, for example, how many people opened the email and clicked on the various links.