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Here's why Facebook can't fully replace a website

Here's why Facebook can't fully replace a website

Facebook is today’s wonderland of online social interaction and commercial hotspot for new businesses. An accessible and attractive medium, but certainly not enough to put your business out there.

Facebook can’t fully replace a website, which is a customized showcase for your business. Read in this article why your business can’t roll with just a Facebook page.

Oh, you’re not on Facebook?

Facebook is just that, digital socializing. Share and interact with potential customers by providing content that spikes interest. Making sales on Facebook? Don’t think so. That’s what a website is for. Facebook invites people to go over to your site where the real thing happens: showcasing your business and selling.

Remember that there are still folks out there who don’t use Facebook, so you’re missing out on a conversation with a significant part of your potential customer base if you decide to go solo-Facebook.

About credibility

Having a website adds that credibility you need to convince your customers of whatever it is you have to offer. Company content on Facebook without a website to back it up, just gets lost in translation.

Benefit of an official website is that you get to have control over how it looks and what it communicates. The power of design and brand identity can be perfectly exercised with a website and certainly not with Facebook. If for any reason, even if it’s unlikely, Facebook ceases to exist, so does your content. Leaving you with no back up.

How to avoid losing control

With your own website, you are in control of how your content appears and how it’s structured. You decide where the focus lies and that’s exactly what you need in order to develop your business and increase sales. Imagine that Facebook suddenly decided to make some changes.

No warning and wham; all your posts appear in bold purple letters in gold-rimmed text boxes. An extreme example, but you can imagine the outcome and that’s definitely not what you had in mind. With a website, you’re fully in control, which simply can’t be offered by a Facebook page.

Say hello to Google…  ...and to Spin

Have we mentioned Google yet? This powerful search engine rules the web and it’s the most popular way for people to search for anything online.

Without a proper website, finding your business online is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Honestly, who’s got time to lose on web searching? Not your customers in any case, so make sure that you’re on top of that Google search list.

Want to know more about how to get there? We can help. Contact us with your website needs and we’ll create a customized action plan for your business.