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How to blog for more revenue

How to blog for more revenue

A blog is a special section on your website where you regularly publish articles which contain valuable information for your audience.

As an administrative office, for example, you could keep a blog with articles on changes in tax legislation or tips on how to use QuickBooks.

As a dentist, you could blog about common dental problems, fear of the dentist or the latest techniques.

Companies that blog actively are often considered experts in their field. Unfortunately, keeping a blog takes a lot of time, which is why many companies choose not to blog. But precisely that is also the reason why you really should keep a blog.

Blog articles can be divided into two main categories: Time-sensitive and Evergreen articles.

The "time-sensitive" articles are articles that are valid for a very short period of time; for example, the latest fashion trends for the summer of 2015.

In addition, there are also the so-called "evergreen" articles, these are articles that remain relevant for your target audience for a long time. The main advantage of "evergreen" articles is that you can promote them repeatedly through various social media. These articles also ensure that your website contains more content, your website will therefore be easier to find via the various search engines. Blogging is therefore crucial to attract the right visitors to your website.

But how can I generate sales with my blog article?

A good blog article contains a strong call to action. Imagine you are an insurer who writes a blog article about the risks associated with tropical storms. This article may contain, for example, the call to action to download a "Hurricane Survival Checklist". The visitor then should leave their name and contact information and they will receive it by mail. Your sales team now has the opportunity to call this customer for an appointment, or you can send an automated series of emails from your email marketing software. SPIN can provide you with this software and the necessary guidance.

How often should I blog?

As often as you can make time for it. Research has shown that the number of visitors grows exponentially with the number of blog articles that are published every month. So make  time for it or put someone specially on this job.

But how do I get the inspiration for so many blog articles?

Fortunately, that is not very difficult: Follow forums that are related to your field, talk about your mistakes, use Twitter to stay updated on trending topics, read books or other blogs.

And above all: Keep a file with titles for future blog articles and what you want to achieve with each article.

How do I promote my blog articles?

You can promote your blog articles through the various social media. However, make sure that these are aimed at the right target audience. If you do this correctly, you can acquire a lot of potentially new customers with a small investment.

Are you ready to start a blog?

Preferably, your blog should be an integral part of your website. SPIN Internet Media is the market leader on Curaçao in the field of internet marketing.

For a new website, social media marketing, email marketing, or your entire online marketing strategy, please feel free to contact us.