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How to score higher on Google

How to score higher on Google

We at SPIN have developed over 500 high quality websites for businesses in the Caribbean and the Netherlands.

Online marketing is quite a difficult profession, and clients ask me lots of questions.

The most common question is: How can I ensure that my site ranks well in Google?

If you ask around, you will certainly find many companies that promise to bring you to the first page within a week, all you have to do is pay.

If only it were that easy!

To answer this question, I will delve a bit deeper into how Google works exactly:

Someone is searching, for example, for a particular brand of car. Around the world there are thousands of websites that sell this car brand, and also publish it on their website. Google will try to let the visitor find exactly the right pages, based on the following characteristics:

Location and language of the website:

Google will be more likely to display a website to the user if it is hosted in the vicinity of the user. A good website can also be set so that you indicate at which country it is aimed. The domain name also plays an important role. Also make sure that the website is written in the language of your target audience.

Website content:

If you are searching for a Toyota car, Google will do its best to show you pages that are about Toyota. Therefore, in a search for Toyota, a page that focuses on Toyota cars only will be found better than a page that is about several car brands..

Popularity of the website:

Google uses the so-called PageRank to measure the popularity, reliability, and authority of a website. This is a number between 0 and 10. A new website always starts out with PageRank 0, and will therefore have to gradually build up its PageRank. The more websites link to you, the higher your PageRank will be. It is therefore very important to share your website with others via social media but also through word of mouth.

Performance ​​of the website:

Google measures how quickly your website loads. Fast websites get priority over slow websites. So make sure your website is optimized properly so it also loads quickly. Also make sure to have a good webhosting provider.

Mobile friendliness:

As of April 21, 2015, Google gives priority to websites that are mobile friendly. This means that older, not mobile friendly websites will perform less well compared to mobile friendly websites. So make sure your website works properly on all popular devices.

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